October 25, 2015

Top 23 Beliefs that Block Success.

Awareness is the first step to personal freedom

What We Think We Become.


Neurosciences have know proven our thoughts create our reality. Our thoughts are driven by our unconscious beliefs. Because we are not aware of them we can not change them until we practice such methods as NLP and EFT. These unintentional beliefs become the filters we look at life through. These beliefs came from our programming within the first 7 years. See what beliefs you have that are blocking your success. Find out why you are being blocked to exceed in any area of your life. Book a session and together lets release them for good. I guarantee that 100%.

Top 23 beliefs that block success.

1. I dont believe in myself

2. I dont trust I can have that

3. What if I fail

4. I feel powerless around that type of person

5. I dont feel powerful about my finances

6. I always seem to be struggling

7. When am I going to get there

8. Why cant I create what I want

9. I dont know how to love myself

10. I am worried about getting old

11. I feel powerless when it comes to that situation

12. I dont think I can change this

13. I cant see myself really successful

14. I dont feel like I can achieve that

15. Its never ending

16. I dont have time

17. I cant seem to let it go

18. I feel bad about this thing I do

19. What if I dont survive

20. I dont have any support

21. Its all to hard

22. I always let myself down

23. I dont believe I can be rich

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