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What to Expect

What you can expect to experience is 90 minutes of self discovery so you can feel great to be you. Mary-Anne starts the session using her gift by tuning into your energy and divine intelligence to give you incredibly insights into your journey. She can see what paths of opportunity lay ahead, what success blocks you have and the best bit is, she will guide you how to clear any fear, doubt, worry or concerns that are keeping you feeling lost, stuck and unhappy using EFT (Energy Freedom Technique). You will feel strong, positive, and safe to move forward and excel in your life. Plus, Mary-Anne picks up loved ones who have passed over, and can easily see your life purpose and much more..........

You will be guided through this beautiful self discovery process so you can feel strong, safe, valuable and free to create the life you so you can attract the happiness, love and prosperity you deserve. Mary-Anne guarantee's her service that you will feel 10 out of 10 better than before you booked this empowering life changing session.

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Master your position in life now.

Gain Clarity and Certainty to Thrive


Feel EMPOWERED and In CONTROL of your life

Release SUCCESS blocks stopping you reaching your full potential.



LET GO of the cause of Anxiety.

Increase Sports performance and learning ability to ACHIEVE your highest potential.

Increase SELF ESTEEM to FEEL GREAT to be you.

Magnify results and EXCEED beyond

your expectations.

Create a WEALTHY mindset to

Increase CASH FLOW, and Excel



Feel valuable and increase


POWERFUL tools and techniques to release the cause of all Addiction problems, whether it be with Food, Sugar, Alcohol, Cigarettes and Drugs, Shopping, Gaming, and more!



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Radio Interview about Mary-Anne's gift on The-Breeze.pngWith Al. Jan 2013.










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Clarity Session - Life Coaching

Gain direction, insight and certainty.

Uncover blocks to success.


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