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How to overcome addiction.



What keeps us trapped in Addiction.

The reason why so many people beat themselves up and fail at overcoming addiction is because they focus on trying to give up, or let go of the addiction when it is the cause that we need to release.

Finding the cause of Addiction.

Ask yourself these 3 powerful questions to determine what has been keeping you an emotional hostage from being FREE.

1. What feeling am I avoiding?

2. What feeling does this addiction give me that I like?

3. Why dont I think I can have that feeling without this addiction?

The solution will set you FREE, 100% guarantee.

Did you know there are several types of Addiction?

How to overcome addiction is firstly to understand it. Addiction releases endorphin's in the brain that give us a feeling of comfort when we are feeling anxiety and stress. We each act out Addiction in different ways. Some are addicted to shopping, cigarettes, food addiction, and for some foodies its sugar. With drugs there is pot verses cocaine, and some love both. The booze is another addiction where women are hooked on the nightly bottle of wine, while men prefer vodka or beer. Watching sports day after day is another way, the Internet, Porn, Gaming and Facebook are just some of the Addiction labels we turn to  to relieve the symptoms of stress. 

Transferring Addiction.

Most people transfer their addiction from one to another when they dont deal with the cause. They may stop smoking or drinking alcohol for a time (without dealing with the cause) and turn to food and sweets.

When the cause gets bigger.

This is when the cause of the addiction isnt dealt with, one addiction leads to another. 

The Cause.

Most Addictions come from a need to cover up past Trauma that was experienced either in Childhood or Adult life. Research has now linked Addiction to PSTD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)

What we can suggest is Addiction can be linked to Trauma witnessed or experienced as a child. Sexual Abuse, Physical Abuse, Shock, Abandonment, Fear and so on. Here is one example CLICK HERE


How to overcome addiction is to know that there is nothing ever bigger than us that we cant handle with the right support, tools, and knowledge. I guarantee that 100%. By using the right tools to target and release the old trauma, fear and events, we can be free. The best solution on the planet today is EFT Tapping which stands for Emotional Freedom Technique also know as Tapping or Energy Psychology. Learn More CLICK HERE

How I can help.

How to overcome addiction is to understand that I understand, which is half the battle. Second recognize that once an addict always an addict is not how I think. The more we practice introspection the more masterful we become. The more we development self awareness, release the anxiety within that is the cause of the addiction, then we are Free.  Now with NLP and EFT Tapping, together we can get you into a position where you feel safe to make a choice. When we release the cause we become empowered, now that's freedom. One step at a time, together we will create clarity and certainty for you to thrive. Book a session today, CLICK HERE you will so pleased you did. Call me for a confidential chat +61 4 16161486, or email me below. Do it now and become Addiction Free.

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