December 7, 2015

About the Addiction Free Online Course

Are you tired of trying to let your Addiction go?

Do you want to release that overwhelming uncontrollable feeling that keeps

you hooked?


This 7 day Intensive On-line Course offers you all the Tools and Techniques so you can be FREE.

Happy peopleDo you want to release that Anxiety that CONTROLS you to reach

for unhealthy choices?


Start your 2016 by becoming the best version of you and have the best

year possible. Get on track and stay on track using these unique


Let go of Sugar Addiction - Release the need to Eat uncontrollably - Let go of the nightly Wine - Extinguish your last Cigarette - Stop Compulsive Shopping - Gambling - Negative Thoughts - Self doubt - Pornography - Drugs - Feelings of  Unworthiness and much more.

Let go of that Hopeless feeling now so you can be


Together we can do it.


Release the Cause of your Addiction and live the life you want.

Give yourself the freedom of choice and stop being controlled.

Learn how to feel good without your addiction.

Discover how to feel safe to let it go.

Create more Love and Money in your life.

Feel Strong.

Create a Healthy and Wealthy Mindset.

Discover how to Master your Life now.

One step at a time.Happy girl



Learn about the most Powerful Tool Sweeping the Planet that Celebrities,

Sports professionals, even US Soldiers are using and you can use so you can

release any limiting beliefs, fear doubt worry or concern blocking your

success. Learn more CLICK HERE

What you will get in this offer.

Techniques that Uncover Sabotaging Beliefs.

7  Powerful EFT Tapping Videos especially designed to let go of Anxiety, Stress

and the Fear of not Coping,

  Release any Fear of change and Fear of Failure.

Create Self Belief, Acceptance,

Master your thoughts and Master your life


Plus Receive

Daily tools and techniques to support your progress.

Exercises to understand your Mind and how to Change your thoughts.

Daily Audios to keep you on track.


Plus Email Support.

What to Expect

A profound shift in Perception, Energy and Thinking to Master your life.


There will be lasting changes.

I have made this Affordable for Everyone -  Give yourself the gift of Freedom. 

Option One

Happy people


Receive all of the Above

All for only 59 AUD

How much is your Freedom worth?


All major credit and debit cards accepted



Option Two

Group of happy people exercising at a gym

Receive all of the above

Plus receive a One hour Personal Skype Session with Mary-Anne to target

any area of your life.


All for only 99 AUD

You will automatically be directed to the Course Page once your purchase.

Any problems email me at and I will connect with you within 12 hours.