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Recorded Email Reading

Simply supply Mary-Anne with your date of birth and that of your partner and she will tune in and supply you with a recorded channeled reading which is approximately 20 minutes long. See her accuracy here and what others say, CLICK HERE, plus did you know that she was asked to do the reading for Will and Kate's wedding by the Women's Weekly. Lastly feel free to ask her any questions you want answered when you email her.  Allow a min of 5 days to receive.

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                                         80 AUD

Increase your Love frequency.

Whether you in a relationship that needs some help, or you are seeking a connection the same applies. We must have a high Love IQ by not only being aware of how we feel but to clear the blocks that keep us in self sabotage from experiencing LOVE. More often we bring the lack of love through from childhood and keep ourselves and our hearts unconsciously separated from creating love in fear of being hurt. When all as we want is LOVE. Now you can release all the limitations and invite love into your life.


180 AUD

Create High Self Esteem and Confidence.

High Self esteem has to come from within. We weren't born with it therefore just like a muscle we need to build, which you can do in one Skype session. Clearing away the blocks so you can feel safe and secure and strong within. Start to live and reclaim your inner strength so you can feel happiness. You will feel so good to be you after this amazing self awareness session giving you all the tools and techniques to feel the best you.


180 AUD

Overcome Grief

When we have lost a loved one or a relationship has ended in any form we feel so separate and alone. Its times like this when depression and fear and insecurity take over our daily lives. Negative thinking and a lack of energy keeps us stuck. Life is meant to be abundant not sad and fearful. Let me help you through this time by lifting your current frequency and reality out of the darkness and into the light so you can feel stronger by allowing recovery to be accelerated.


180 AUD

Prosperity Session

Uncover your money blocks and create more abundance in your life now. If you are tired of struggling and want to create more money to flow to you then this prosperity session is for you. Mary-Anne will uncover your unconscious beliefs and wealth blocks that are keeping you in lack so you can receive more opportunity and prosperity in your life. Watch law of attraction create what will seem like miracles after this exceptional powerful Skype session. 


180 AUD

Lose Weight - Body Image Session

This session is designed to create a positive relationship between you and your body. Release the blocks that keep you in negative subconscious dialogue with yourself about how you look and how you feel about your body and appearance. Stop the dieting and binging and become the master of your thoughts and your body so you can feel happy to be you. Love who you are now.


180 AUD

Addiction Free Session

Do you want a healthier happier life? Whether you want to release smoking, alcohol consumption, shopping, gambling, gaming, porn, sugar or chocolate. Mary-Anne is an expert in overcoming addictive reactions, thoughts and feelings that overwhelmed and cause repetitive unwanted behaviour. Remove guilt, shame and self deception so you can become the master of your life now. Skype up to 90 minutes.


222 AUD

happy successBook 6 sessions today and turn your life around so you can feel strong and empowered. Increase your sense of self what I call your spiritual IQ so your emotional IQ can thrive. Remember that most of us either came from co-dependant or narcissistic personalities so we adopted them and addictions as coping strategies. This is not who we truly are so unaware of these we continue to sabotage ourselves with addiction, antidepressants, or isolation affecting every area of our lives.  

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