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How would you like to let go of generational thinking, whats not working and create a unique way of being?

How much does your Perception of your current reality block you from creating what you want?

How to create and sustain lasting Motivation never heard before technique

Animal Therapy is a new way of coaching our kids, and horses have an incredible ability to do so. With Dr Traci Conventry.

How often do you turn away from a technique or theory because you think its weird when potentially it could change your life for the absolute better and for good!

How much out of 10 do you believe in the non-physical? With special guest, author, Bob Frank, specializing in near death and past lives, this show with be sure to give you faith, yes you are a soul!

"How much out of 10 do you Thrive in life, in your Business,  in Sales or even in love? This is a must listen if you want to exceed your financial expectations!

"How much out of 10 do you get so frustrated you aren't manifesting your desires? Finally the secret formula is out!"

"How much out of 10 can you say you adore relationships? Thought so 🙂 Check out the most amazing new relationship model and be blown away!  Are you up for it?


The Mary-Anne Frank Radio Show - "What is Love"    with special guest Nicholas De Castella

 How much out of 10 are you in alignment with Love by your thoughts, feelings and behavior?

 The Mary-Anne Frank Radio Show - "Overcome Fear, and Fear of Failure"   with special guest Scott Monson     

 What would you attempt if you were fearless?

The Mary-Anne Frank Radio Show - "How to feel great inside and out" with special guest Denyse Saunders

How much out of 10 do you really take-care of you inside and out?

The Mary-Anne Radio Show - "How much do you let go and thoroughly enjoy SEX?" with special guest Sex therapist Dr Traci Conventry         (excuse a few technical issues on this however it doesn't last long)

The Mary-Anne Frank Radio Show - "The relationship between Anxiety and Addiction and how to overcome both" with special guest Dr Traci Conventry Plus how much out of 10 do you suffer Anxiety on a daily basis?

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Mary-Anne Frank is a Sales Expert, Qualified Empowerment and Advanced EFT Therapist, Intuitive, Radio personality and the gifted author of “The Cinderella Evolution”
Mary-Anne was asked by the Woman’s Weekly to do a Professional Intuitive Reading for Royal Wedding of Kate and Will, Mary-Anne has also had regular appearances giving Live Intuitive Readings and Advice on Mainstream Radio since 2004, plus she has delivered captivating shows in front of a Live Audience. Mary-Anne focus is now on creating "Wealth consciousness" working with Corporate Media clients, Entrepreneurs, and Coaches. taking her clients from surviving mentally to thriving in all areas of life. Mastering the mind and making sense of life is Mary-Anne full purpose on her Radio Shows.
Mary-Anne believes that there are many ways to experience this journey of alignment to who we truly are. The more we can create our mind to be our own best friend, the less alone we will feel on this road to making sense of life. It is Mary-Anne’s passion to support the expansion of consciousness by offering insights into how to truly feel empowered. The Mary-Anne Frank Radio show offers variety, challenges, and tools, with expert guests too inspire people to connect to what works for them. Mary-Anne appreciates that we are all different and each of us respond in our own way to experience personal progress. So if you are willing and ready to explore the benefits of being in alignment with your true self, then Mary-Anne and guests will get you there.