Mary-Anne Frank

Mary-Anne Frank


Kirt Richards – Breakfast Show Host, Mediaworks

When Mary-Anne Frank was on air on the breakfast show every fortnight we were Number One with females 25-45 yrs. She was amazing to watch, so empathetic and accurate, and the audience loved her!

Cris Casares – Argentina, Just a big thank you for everything. Your tapping. Your energy. Your advice. I am happy and want to cry at the same time. You are amazing and specially gifted.

Christine Hatton, National Trainer, Mediaworks NZ, Mary-Anne Frank has a unique ability to call it like she sees it – no holes barred. Uncannily she is right on the money. If you feel comfortable as you are that is ok – but if you want to ‘ change your stars’, then Mary-Anne is the right person for you .

Jules Skevington, Melbourne Only a few weeks after doing some EFT work with Mary-Anne on beliefs of creating receiving an abundance of money, with Mary-Anne reminding me it can come from all sorts of places…. Well after shifting my perception… I had someone hire my car space for a month, I went to the races,  rushed in to get a bet on for the first race.  I knew which horse and number I wanted and what I was going to put on it each way – don’t know what I said to the Bookie, because when  I got back to my seat to put the tickets in my bag.. dam, I didn’t ask for that ! All on the nose! (or did I) She came in 1st and I collect $210 cash – in the back zipper of my purse that went !  I did win a few other little ones that day. That week I got a letter in the email from work, they have stopped the social club and there was a cheque for all that I had put in for 2 year. Then I get a phone call and  told Im going to be paid back a loan I lent someone 30 years ago. Thank you  Mary- Anne. 

Mike Yardley of Newstalk ZB – ex skeptic
“There are some definite cranks out there however Mary-Anne Frank fascinates me. The very first day she came onto the show was the first time I met her. She handed me a 2 page note, which she said was a summary of the messages she had gleaned from spirit the night before. I was literally gobsmacked by the incisive and completely accurate account Mary-Anne had written. She struck the jackpot on every aspect of my life she referred to. Not even my closest friends or family would have known some of my deepest, inner-most thoughts, yet Mary-Anne did. It was like my brain and soul had been x-rayed. She blew me away, just like she did every-time she was on air.

Marah USA – Truly awesome the first person I ever talked to that hit the entire nail on the head…Simply Awesome

John Wingate – Simply amazing to speak with. Very inspiring and truthful. Highly recommended.

Andrea USA – I’m so happy I found Mary-Anne Frank! She is like a therapist on the spiritual side! I’ve been focusing way too much on A, glued to my phone. I chatted with her because I was having anxiety that I hadn’t heard from A. She told me that I am over-focusing, pushing his energy away. She suggested focus on some other things than A. The thing that struck me the most is when she said the exact same thing my therapist had told me earlier in the day. I know it is a message from my angel and my guides trying to get it in to my head and my heart! She also gave me a suggestion to release the attachment to A (or any guy for that matter). Call her if you need help on any situation!

Julie – Owner of Vixen Vines Wine bar – Melbourne. Mary-Anne Frank has done several “Live Shows” with around 50 people in the Audience. If I could fit more in I would, she is so good! She is fast, accurate, engaging and humorous, my clients “Loved her”, Highly recommended!!!!! Give me a call if you want a reference, Julie +61 427 201 801, Melbourne Australia.

Oslyn Mitchell, Melbourne – I saw Mary-Anne do a live show, she blew me away about what accurate detail she gave about my partner, but the great thing was the excellent advice and insights she shared. My partner and I have also both used Mary-Anne Frank for EFT and Coaching as she is like a magician the way she knows exactly how to get to the core of the issues. EFT is amazing, and after every session I feel on top of my game. She has helped me incredibly, a very talented lady.

Rowena Gould,  Melbourne – OMG, I cant thank you enough Mary-Anne your Coaching has been outstanding and life changing for me in so many ways. I have completely started loving my life so much, finances, relationships everything is just getting better and better! You are a miracle worker!!!! I have experienced such lasting and fast results, thank-you!! If you are considering making any change in your life, Mary-Anne Frank is so good at what she does, I highly highly recommend her. Just ask her for my phone number if you want to know more.


Steven Bettles, Melbourne see You Tube testimonial where Mary-Anne uses her gift coupled with EFT.


Jo Barber, Business woman Melbourne Australia what she says