Self Mastery 1, 2 or 5 day intensive courses. 

Self Leadership - Master Course

Key-to-Success-408x394My wife did this first and got so much out of it. I came to see Mary-Anne in a very low state and walked out 2 days later with a clear vision for my future, tools to manage my emotions and master my life and a positive outlook. I have 10 out of 10 clarity, and certainty about how to manage my life. I highly recommend that others do this with Mary-Anne. Thank-you Mary-Anne

Mark Olierook, Sunshine Coast, Australia.

Key-to-Success-408x394I recommend this to everybody!, I spent years suffering from anxiety, worrying about what everybody else thought, reacting to life and feeling that there was something wrong with me. After spending two incredible days with Mary-Anne I feel so clear, I now have life changing tools to genuinely respond to life and I know what I want and feel free. Three cheers to Mary-Anne. Highly recommended you have to experience it for yourself, its amazing. Lil Olierook, Sunshine Coast, Australia. 

This client experienced the 5 day Intensive. 

'Key-to-Success-408x394This has been the most life altering experience, I feel amazing.  Mary-Anne gave me the tools and techniques to release my fear. This is now the first time since my husband passed suddenly mid life that I have felt safe and capable to master my life and celebrate my life. I can not recommend Mary-Anne's Coaching ability highly enough' Christine McFadden, December 2015.

      This client experienced 4 days of the Self Mastery course. 

Key-to-Success-408x394James. NZ 2016 3rd June 2013 I arrived  in the South Island to visit Mary-Anne Frank - Depressed, divorced, in debt, stressed, emotionally bankrupt, etc (Ego still intact) I thought Mary-Anne had a go-pro camera on my shoulder for the last 6 years - with empathy, understanding, guidance and EFT  Mary-Anne calmed me down and quieten the ‘noise’ in my head. I returned home 4 days later empowered and inspired to become an authentic man of value.

Mary-Anne is an integral part of my current business and personal success.   Make the call - you will be so pleased you did. 

Star makerWhat you can expect to experience one on one with me is to discover your beliefs, perceptions, expectations and hidden agendas that limit you and keep you feeling separate alone and disconnected. From that knowledge together we can clear them and find out what you really want, so you can create it. I will show you how to connect to the real you and give you tools and techniques to feel safe, valuable and prosperous from the inside out that will serve you for the rest of your life. Explore and gain insights into your purpose, experience a life review, past present and future to understand who you really are and why you are really here. Release self doubt for good and find meaning in your life so you can love who you are and shine.

Email or call me below to discuss your options, because if you are reading this, its time. 

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